Treating Your Dog’s Hair Loss

Dogs and humans are very much alike. Not only do older men and even women experience hair loss, but dogs can experience this as well. If your pup is experiencing hair loss, take a step back and use the following tips and tricks to help your dog stop losing his or her coat.

Although most dogs have plenty of hair to share and shed, there are dogs that struggle with losing their coat. The most common causes for your dog to be losing his or her hair are skin problems and hormonal imbalances. If you believe that your pup has something more severe, such as parasites or a skin disease, contact your local veterinarian immediately.

How You Can Help

When dogs are anxious or stressed, they often compulsively lick their coat and skin. The constant licking can cause the glands on their skin to weaken and create a hormonal imbalance. A natural way to lower your pooch’s stress is to place a drop of “the essence of crab apple” into your dog’s water once a day.

The smell of lavender can help both humans and dogs feel more at ease. Lighting a lavender candle or using lavender scented air freshener is something easy that dog owners can do to see changes in their own stress levels while helping to balance their dog’s hormones.Treating Your Dog’s Hair Loss

Increasing your dog’s consumption of essential fatty acids can help his or her coat stay healthy and shiny. Salmon, tuna, canola oil, and flaxseed oil are all great sources of essential fatty acids. Try feeding your dog small amounts of fish and/or a teaspoon of either canola or flaxseed oil a few times a week for maximum results.

Exercise can help both people and dogs maintain balanced hormones. Taking your dog for a walk even just a couple of times a week can help significantly. It’s astonishing how alike humans and dogs truly are.