Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make When Training Your Dog

Six Ways to Help your Dog with Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis, you understand joint pain and stiffness all too well. But did you know that dogs are affected by arthritis just as often as - if not more than - humans? Arthritis, also called degenerative joint disease (DJD) or osteoarthritis (OA), ...


Is it Time to Visit the Cat Doctor?

All cats need regular check-ups at certain intervals depending upon their age and overall health. In general, older cats, and those with pre-existing illness need more frequent examinations than younger, healthier felines. Just like you and I, your cat will need to see a ...


How to Minimize Stress for your Cat’s Vet Visit

Your cat's vet visit can be a stressful endeavor for all parties involved. Every step from getting your cat in a proper carrier to having them relax in the room with the doctor has potential to go wrong and make your cat react negatively. ...

Talking to Your Vet about Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD, CRF, CRD)

Broken Bones in Dogs

Lucky for us and our precious pooches, broken bones are not a common occurrence. They are almost always caused by a traumatic injury (with the rare exception) and can be obvious or unapparent. Below we will discuss common causes, symptoms and possible treatments for ...

3 Common Behavioral Problems & Solutions in Dogs

Puppy Shots: The Canine Vaccination Schedule

An important part of being a responsible dog owner is vaccinating your dog as directed by your veterinarian. While adult dogs are vaccinated yearly, puppies need to have their vaccinations boostered while their bodies build up enough of an immune response to fight off ...