How To Train For Canine Good Citizen Certification And Why You Should

A human finds fulfillment in life through hobbies, relationships, and work. Canines also require purpose and fulfilment in their lives. It is the responsibility of a dog owner to give their dog a job to give them a purpose. A dog that does not have this fulfilment can become destructive if left to their own devices. They give themselves a job they find suitable around the house, from gardeners to interior designers. Owners in this situation have only themselves to blame.

If you provide your pooch with the right training, you will find your pooch can serve you in multiple ways. Dogs have great talents, and many have been taught to be seeing eye dogs, drug detection dogs, seizure alert dogs, and mobility dogs just to name a few. There are so many jobs a canine friend can do to help people lead a more productive life.

Granted, not all dog owners have time, experience, or inclination to train their dog to do specific jobs; however, for people who would like their dog to behave at home and in public, there is something called the Canine Good Citizen designation (CGC).

The CGC is a programme designed to teach our canine friends proper etiquette not only in the home but in public as well. The CGC is a foundation for some dog owners and encourages them to undertake other activities like agility and obedience, whereas other dog owners strive for their dogs to serve others.

Obtaining the CGC designation is the first step in allowing a dog to work in therapeutic situations. A therapy dog does everything from visiting a nursing home, hospital, or an assisted living facility.

How To Train For Canine Good Citizen Certification And Why You ShouldThe CGC programme consists of teaching owners responsible pet ownership and canines good manners as well as accepting friendly strangers, sitting politely, grooming, and walking on a lead. Commands like stay, come, and a dog’s reaction to another dog as well as supervised separation are also taught.

If you are willing to obtain the CGC certificate your first step as a dog owner should be to find a local trainer who can assist in the preparation for the CGC. Make sure the trainer you employ is someone who uses positive training techniques, as they are far more beneficial for the dog and less likely to lead to any bad habits.

Working towards the CGC can enhance the relationship between human and canine and is well worth looking into.