Talking To Your Vet About Canine Eye Medication

Before applying any type of eye medication, be sure to have all of your equipment handy and within reach. Once you begin the process, you will not be able to easily leave to get something that you’ve left behind. Getting your dog into a comfortable and secure position takes some time, so once you have him restrained, you will want to proceed quickly and get the job done.

Ways to Restrain Your Dog

Place the dog on a tabletop or dresser that is at a comfortable working level. Stand opposite the area you will be working on. If you are right-handed, use your left arm to secure your dog over his shoulders and your left hand to open his eye. Use your right hand to hold the medicine bottle and squeeze out the drops.

Place the dog on his side with the infected eye facing up. Use your left arm and hand to hold his head still and squeeze the drops in with your right hand.

If you have a helper, everything will be much easier, and you can use both hands to medicate your dog.

Eye Anatomy

The sclera is the white of the eye. If something is wrong, you may see a bruised portion, a yellowing portion, or engorged blood vessels. The conjunctiva is the portion that you will see if you stretch the lid even further. It should be a nice pink color. If it’s pale, the dog could be anemic. If it’s yellow, it could indicate jaundice, and bruising could indicate a localized injury or clot. The pupil is the dark spot at the center of the eye. Problems with the pupil might be indicated by seeing cloudiness, different sizes, or ragged edges. The iris is the colored part of the eye and should never have growths, black spots, or blood spots on it. Lastly, the conjunctiva and the retractable eyelid should look pink or About-Canine-Eye-Medicationwhite and should never be too pale, yellow, or have a discharge.

Applying Ointment and Drops

To apply the medication, pull the lid to expose the conjunctiva and drop the medication there. Then, close the eye and gently massage it to distribute the medication evenly across the eye area.