Senior Dogs Arthritis Relief

Arthritis is painful in dogs. Just below 50 percent of senior dogs are in need of arthritis (joint pain) relief. Common signs of canine joint pain include your pup walking very slowly and unwilling to climb up or down steps. If you notice that they are having a difficult time getting up from a sitting position and possibly yelps when you touch them, these can also be signs that your senior dog is suffering and in need of relief from this continuous pain.


When your senior dog is carrying around extra weight, this will just intensify the pain. It is important that they get exercise to keep their strength, and this will also help their joints from stiffing up even more. Swimming is a wonderful low impact exercise for your elderly dog. If water or a pool is not accessible, then a daily walk (usually about 20 minutes, if possible) is the second best exercise choice for your dog.


In general, massage is known to relieve pain and stress, and your dog will also benefit from this technique. Gently, Senior Dogs Arthritis Reliefmake small circles around the joints. If your dog shows some resistance, then reduce the pressure from your hands. You should spend at least 10 to 15 minutes massaging your dog daily.


You want to choose a dog food that is top quality and to avoid any food that will inflame their joints. Avoid high caloric snacks and include a fish oil supplement in your dog’s diet. Before changing your senior dogs’ diet, speak with your veterinarian about the essential minerals and vitamins that your senior dog needs.


There are many drugs on the market to relive joint pain in your senior pup, and you may need to experiment with some to find the most effective medication. It is very important to speak with your trusted vet before administering any type of medication to your dog.

As a final word, you might want to add some ramps around your home so your senior dog does not have to attempt the stairs and may also want to provide them with a soft surface to walk on, as cold, hard flooring is not beneficial to their joint pain.