How To Safely Introduce My Dog To Another Dog

Arranging a play date for your dog is a good way for your dog to socialize and exercise. However, you want to be sure that you introduce the dogs before you let them start running around. Making sure that you introduce the two dogs calmly and slowly reduces the chances of a fight.

Keep the Dogs on Their Leashes

Whenever you are introducing two dogs to one another, you want to keep both dogs on their leashes. This way you can pull the dogs apart if need be. Eventually, you can let the dogs off their leashes.

Start Somewhere Neutral

It’s also a good idea to start things off in a neutral location. For example, you might want to meet at a dog park before you meet at one of your homes. This way one dog will not be “invading” the other dog’s territory. Allow the dogs some time to look at each other from a distance. Most dogs will not run up to a new dog. Instead, they take some time to observe the new dog before approaching. After a while, with the dogs on leashes, you can let them approach each other. Once they’ve spent a few minutes sniffing one another, you might want to separate them for a few minutes. This will allow the dogs to calm down. Even laid-back dogs can get excited meeting new dogs, and excitement can quickly turn into fear or aggression.  Introduce My Dog  together a second time and observe them closely. If they are relaxed, you can let them off their leashes.

Pick Up the Toys

Introduce-My-Dog-To-Another-DogIf you do have a play date at your house or someone else’s house, you need to put all the toys away beforehand. You might think that the dogs will want to play with the toys, but they might fight over them. When the dogs know each other better, you can put the toys back out.

Arranging play dates for your dog is a fun chance for you and your dog to socialize. It’s important that your dog spend time around other dogs because it helps your dog to be easygoing.