The Right Time To Get A Dog For Your Children

When choosing to get a dog, make sure that the timing is right for your family. Make sure you consider your schedule, the ages of your children, and the age, background, size and breed characteristics of the dog.

If you are a parent of a child or children under the age of six or seven, you are likely a very busy person who is involved in caring for most, if not all, of your child’s immediate needs. You are in the process of training and teaching your child the life skills that they need to be independent.

If you are acquiring a dog or a puppy for your child when they are at this age, be prepared to take care of all of the new pet’s immediate needs and training also. Your child may be able to help with certain aspects of your new canine family member’s needs; however, you can expect to be the person taking care of the work.

When your child reaches the age of eight or older, they are pretty much independently caring for their own basic needs and beginning to understand extending that care beyond themselves. If you have an older child, the introduction of a dog for your child may be easier, as you can more efficiently coach them through proper dog care. Only you can be the judge on how much you are able to take on in your schedule and finances.

You must also consider the size, age, and type of dog you are adopting. Even with mixed breed dogs, you can Dog for Your Childrenapproximate size and temperament based on the types of dogs it is mixed with. If you have very small children and you choose to adopt a dog, you may want to choose a smaller, less active breed for them. Larger, more active breeds may be a better choice for older children who are less likely to be frightened or knocked down by an excited dog tail. If you have a mix of children’s ages in your house, you may want to choose a dog based on the activity level and extra energy in the household that needs to be burned.

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, energy levels, and temperaments. With a little research on the types of dogs out there and an honest analysis of your household and its members, the perfect timing and perfect breed can be found for your children and family.