Introducing My Dog To Another Dog

Introducing two dogs can quickly turn into a fight if you don’t take things slowly. It’s important that you are prepared before you bring a new dog into your home for whatever reason. You might be bringing home a new dog, or you might have visitors who are bringing their pets. No matter the situation, it is important to introduce the dogs in calm, controlled environment.

Don’t Introduce the Dogs in Your House

You want to make sure that you introduce the dogs in a neutral area. You don’t want your dog to think that the new dog is invading his territory. This can cause a great deal of tension. Instead of meeting in your home, have the new dogs meet outside somewhere in your neighborhood.

Don’t Walk Right Up to Each Other

Dogs are not like people. They don’t walk right up to strangers and shake hands. Generally, they observe one another from a distance and approach each other slowly. Let the dogs look at each other from a distance and slowly walk closer. Let the dogs sniff each other for a few minutes and separate them for a few minutes to Introducing My Dog. You can have them do some basic obedience for a few minutes to help decrease their stress levels.

If you can, it’s a good idea to take the dogs on a walk together. This lets the dogs get used to one another in a controlled environment, and it lets them burn off some of their energy. Once the dogs have been introduced, you can take them into your home or yard. You will want to keep an eye on the dogs for a while to make sure that they are getting along.

Don’t Leave the Toys Outintroduce-my-dog-to-another-dogs

Before letting two new dogs into your home or yard, you will want to pick up toys, beds, and food. Dogs can be territorial about these things, and you don’t want them to fight over these items. If you free feed, you might want to consider switching to scheduled feedings before introducing a new dog. Food left out all the time can cause fights. Finally, you will want to separate the dogs at night until they are used to each other’s company.