How To Introduce My Dog To Another Dog

If you already have a dog, and you are planning on getting another one, it’s important to know how to introduce them safely. If you rush the process, you can make the dogs upset, and it can possibly lead to a fight. Therefore, you want to take the time to prepare before you simply put the dogs together. These tips also work if you have a friend or family member who is bringing a dog into your home.

Get Out

First, you want to make sure that you get out of the house and meet the newcomer on neutral ground. If you simply bring the new dog into your house or your yard, it can cause tension. Your house is your current dog’s territory, and it can be uncomfortable with a new dog coming into it. You can meet at a local park or on the street in your neighborhood.

Take it Slow

Let the two dogs get a look at each other from a distance. You don’t want to force them to face each other because this can be threatening. Instead keep both dogs on a leash (you will need someone to handle the new dog for you) and have them do some basic obedience at a distance from one another. After a while you can move the dogs closer and let them sniff one another.

Keep It Moving

Meeting a new dog can be exciting, and that excitement can quickly turn sour. One way to help avoid this is to walk the dogs together for a while. This gives them something to focus on and helps them dispel any excess energy. After some time you can return to your house or yard.

Other Considerations

After the initial introduction, keep an eye on the dogs. You will want to pick up any toys and put them away until the dogs are used to one another. Also, separate the dogs when you feed them. At night you will want to crate the dogs or keep them in separate rooms until they are comfortable with one another.

Taking it slow is the key when it comes to safely introducing dogs to one another.