Doggie Day Care Vs. Pet Sitter

It is always a challenge to find a daycare or pet sitter who is reliable enough to take care of your pet when you have to work or travel. If you are not fully confident with the person or facility where you are leaving your dog, you’ll probably worry about how your pet is doing and if it is well taken care of.

Doggie day care facilities have become popular with pet owners. The convenience that they offer is certainly irresistible to those who have to be away from their dogs for a considerable length of time. Dogs in day care are often placed in play groups to prevent boredom from setting in. Being in play groups will also provide an avenue to enhance socialization and meet exercise needs. However, you should bear in mind that since your pet is in a place where other dogs are also present, your dog may not receive the attention that it is used to while being home. Since many dogs congregate together in an enclosed area, being in close proximity increases the risk of catching diseases, such as kennel cough.

Finding a trustworthy doggie day care facility can be a challenge. Apart from asking for recommendations from friends, dog owners and veterinarian, you have to visit the facility and see how the establishment is managed.

On the other hand, pet sitters work best for dogs that love being at home and feel most comfortable in familiar surroundings. Choosing to hire the services of a pet sitter is an effective option since you will have someone trustworthy to take care of your dogs and see to your mail or water your plants while you’re out. Having a pet sitter stay in your house while you’re traveling can also help discourage possible intruders.

A reliable pet sitter is also your best bet when your dog is not accepted to Doggie Daycare And. Pet Sitterdoggie day care because of its behavior and/or history. Centers usually don’t allow admission of aggressive and hostile dogs, particularly those with history of having bitten another dog.

The process of looking for a trustworthy pet sitter is quite similar to picking out the right day care. Some important considerations will include licensed and bonded pet sitters, references, pet sitter backup, and whether there is a charge for a “meet-and-greet.”