Dog Training And Your Deaf Dog

Despite what you may think, you can train your deaf dog. In fact, it’s not much harder than training a dog that can hear. Deaf dogs rely on their other senses just like deaf humans do, and their sense of smell and sight will allow you for training to take place. If you want, you can work with a local dog trainer. This person can help you learn how to teach your dog. Many of them have worked with deaf and even blind dogs, and they can help you come up with a custom training routine that will suit your dog’s needs. However, you don’t have to contract the services of a trainer. You can train your deaf dog at home. All you’ll need is a vibrating collar (this is not strictly necessary), some treats, and a good leash.

Training Sessions

One of the most important things that you need to be able to do is get your dog’s attention. A vibrating collar is an effective, if expensive, way to achieve this. You have a remote control with a button that you push to make the collar vibrate. This does not hurt the dog, but some dogs may not like it. The goal is to have the dog look at you and/or come to you when you vibrate the collar.

Dog-Training-And-Your-Deaf-DogSo, start out with your dog on a leash. Push the button to vibrate the collar and reward your dog with a treat when he looks at you. Do this several times. Keep your training sessions short, only a few minutes at a time, and do them several times a day. Over time let your dog get further away from you and reward him for coming you after a vibration.

You can also use other methods, such as waving a flashlight, stomping your foot, or tugging on the leash to gain your dog’s attention. Whatever you do, it is important to be consistent as this will help the dog understand what you want.

Once you have your dog’s attention, you can train him like you would train a dog that can hear. The only difference is that you will use hand signals instead of verbal cues. Training a deaf dog can be just as fun and fulfilling as training a dog that can hear you.