Choosing The Best Kennel

Leaving your dog at a boarding kennel can be stressful for both of you. You want to make sure to do your homework before picking one. There are many choices out there, and your choice will depend on the kind of services you are looking for and how luxurious you want the environment to be.

Today, pet resorts are very popular. They offer more than just the standard boarding kennel. They may have individual rooms in a climate-controlled environment. They offer walks, playtime, swimming, and even televisions. These resorts also have spa services, such as grooming, bathing, pedicures, and facials. Taking a tour and looking at the camera footage at these resorts can give you an idea of how they treat animals and clean the place.

If you are looking into a vet’s office for boarding, you want to ask them if you can see the kennel area as well. You should look at the size of cages and if there is any kind of exercise area. You will want to ask about playtime and walks. Generally, this option was more for small or less active pets, but today many vets are expanding their kennel areas to compete with the pet resorts and offer better interaction and devoted kennel staff.

Best KennelIf there is still a standard boarding kennel in your area, you will want to see what kinds of services they offer and how their price compares to the pet resorts. Often, these kennels have concrete floors and runs that open to the outside. When taking a tour, take note of the smell of the kennel. If they clean often enough and use the proper disinfectants, there should not be a strong odor. You also want to inspect their security gates. Do they have covers on the runs to prevent climbing dogs? Do the dogs have shade? Is there any air conditioning or heat available? And how do they control the spread of fleas and communicable dog diseases? Ask the aforementioned questions to any kennel you are considering. A large number of dogs in one area can lead to a number of problems, so make sure you do your homework, and pick the safest place for your dog.