Can You Train A Blind Dog?

If you have just adopted a blind dog or puppy, you might be wondering if you can train a blind dog. The answer is that you can, and training a blind dog is not much harder than training a dog that can see. If you want to train your blind dog, you only need a few things to get started. You will want a good, 6-foot leash, and you will want some of your dog’s favorite treats. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on dog treats either. Cheese and hot dogs make good training treats. When you are choosing treats for your dog, you want to use something that you don’t use on a daily basis. This will make your dog be more interested in the treats.

Teaching Your Dog to Sit

It’s easy to teach your blind dog to sit. You want to have your dog on the leash in front of you. Then you want to hold a treat in front of your dog’s nose. You want to move slowly since your dog cannot see you, but it will quickly smell the treat that you have. Then you want to raise your hand slowly so that your dog’s nose follows the treat. This should make your dog sit down. As it does so, say “sit,” and when your dog has done so, give your dog the treat and praise your dog for doing the right thing. If your dog does not sit when you raise your hand, you can apply pressure to his rear end so that he gets the message.Can You Train A Blind Dog?

Teaching Your Dog to Lie Down

You can use the same method to teach your dog to lie down. First, you will want to have your dog sit. Then, you will want to hold a treat in front of its nose and move the treat down to the ground. Your dog should follow it and lie down. As your dog does so, say “lie down” and offer a treat and verbal praise.

These are the same methods that you use to train a dog that can see, and they also work with a dog that cannot.