What Is A Cage-Free Doggie Day Care?

For many dog owners who regularly seek the services of doggie day care, the great debate has always been which kind of daycare is better: cage or cage-free.

When the term “caged” is used to describe a daycare facility, what comes to mind are crates and cages where dogs are placed or confined. However, if you think about it, by nature, dogs are den dwellers, and it is natural for them to have a place that equates to comfort and security.

The decision on whether or not to put your dog in a cage or cage-free day care will depend largely on your dog’s behavior and socialization skills. A dog that is generally well-mannered and relaxed with other dogs is a good candidate for a cage-free day care. Without being restricted in cages, dogs have the freedom to play and interact with dogs and human in a neutral territory without any restrictions.

If you’re wondering where your dog will sleep at night, most day care facilities that accept day care and boarding let dogs sleep in the same area where they play with other dogs. Most of these dogs are in groups of 10-15, which is a manageable number.

The usual routine for boarding dogs include feeding time in the evening, a potty break, and sleep time when doggie beds and blankets are placed on the floor. Some facilities even choose to dim the lights and play soft music. Since the dogs are already at ease and comfortable with their friends, they can easily relax and curl up with their furry friends for the night. A staff member should be present even at night to make sure that the dogs sleep well and that any Cage-Free Doggieuntoward incidents do not occur. The number of people who should be present will depend on how many dogs are spending the night in the facility. One staff member for every 10 dogs is a safe ratio.

Another issue that may come into your mind when dealing with cage-free doggie day care is feeding time. Feeding dogs that are not placed in cages can be dangerous; however, centers address this problem by feeding dogs separately unless they are siblings or the owners request that their pets eat together.

Whether a doggie day care center is cage or cage-free, what matters most is the way it is managed and whether or not it can provide the best environment for your dog.