Boarding Your Cat

Traveling and going on vacation can be a lot of fun, but what do you do about the cat? Well, that probably depends upon whether you have an inside or outside cat.

If you have a cat that stays outdoors most of the time, boarding is probably not the best option. The cat will likely be unhappy being stuck in a cage for days at a time. For this cat, you can get a multi-day feeding and water bowl that will make sure they have enough food and water while you are gone. However, even an outside cat should never be left completely alone. It is best to ask a friend or neighbor to come over and check on them every couple of days or so. That way, if they happen to be out of food or water, the friend can refill it for them.

If you have an indoor cat, a boarding kennel may be the way to go. Many dog boarding kennels have a room dedicated to cats as well. They are kept away from the dogs but often are kept where there is some human traffic so they do not feel too isolated. Some kennels offer play rooms for the cats to enjoy together or alone where they can get out of the cage for a while and climb on the cat posts. There are also kennels devoted entirely to cats that do not Boarding-Your-Cathouse dogs at all. These types of kennel would be a great idea for cats that are scared of dogs or a lot of noise.

Moreover, the vet’s office is a good place to board a cat. They are likely to be in the same size cage at either a kennel or the vet’s office. This is also good for an elderly cat or one on special medications. Often, depending upon the demeanor of the cat and how busy the office is, the staff may let a cat roam the office for a while to get some exercise.

Wherever you decide to leave your cat while you are away, make sure you find a place both you and your cat are comfortable. Do not be shy about asking questions and checking up on your pet while you are gone.