Benefits Of Doggy Day Care

Doggy day care provides an easy fool-proof solution to pet owners who need to leave their pets in safe hands while they work or travel. One of the obvious reasons for the rise in behavioral problems of dogs today is boredom and excess pent-up energy. In the distant past, dogs ran free in the wild until they were domesticated to be used for hunting, guarding, or livestock guarding. Today’s busy lifestyles have led to many dogs being left to their own devices. Dogs left alone for most part of the day often suffer separation anxiety, which can open the doors to the development of more negative behavioral problems in an attempt to seek attention from their owners.

With the rising popularity of doggie day cares, pet owners have found a good alternative to leaving their dogs at home. If you have not tried the services of a facility in your area, here are top reasons why you should consider leaving your dog in a reputable day care center.

Relief from Loneliness and Boredom

Spending time in doggie day care with other dogs prevents boredom from setting in and keeps the dog occupied playing and interacting with other dogs. This is important, as it can also prevent separation anxiety. A bored and lonely dog definitely allows negative behaviors to grow and flourish.

Great Avenue for Socialization

Doggy Day CareSocialization is an important aspect of pet growth and development. A well-socialized dog is able to deal well with other dogs, pets, people, and even new environments. The company of the caretakers and other dogs as well as activities at the day care can help shy dogs come out of their shells. For puppies, early socialization helps them become well-adjusted dogs. It is also a good confidence-booster.

Provides Exercise

Dogs need regular adequate exercise to burn off steam and keep them from becoming bored and listless. A good day care provides time for play and exercise as well as rest and quiet time. Playing with other dog, also provide good mental stimulation.

Prevents Keeping a Dog Unsupervised in the House

A dog left in the house unsupervised can become a destructive machine that can eat and chew their way through your furniture, shoes, toys, etc. Spending time in day care can keep them occupied and free from developing destructive tendencies, which are very common in dogs that are left alone.