How To Train A Deaf Dog

There is no doubt owning a deaf dog can be challenging,g but this should not deter you from keeping or purchasing a deaf dog as it is possible to train a deaf dog. It requires completed dedication and a lot of patience. It is possible for a dog to learn sign language instead of words. When starting out, don’t overload your dog with signs. Start with the five most important: sit, stay, come, stop, and no. Once your dog has mastered these signs, you can gradually start to add new ones. Always speak the words you sign as your pooch will also take cues from your facial expressions.

Keeping your dog secure is very important. When walking a deaf dog, always keep him/her on a leash. A deaf dog should always be kept in a fenced secure yard. It can be quite difficult finding a deaf dog once they have put found a comfy place to sleep since they can’t hear you calling them. One way to overcome this is to attach a small bell to your dog’s collar so you can hear when he/she is on the move.Train A Deaf Dog

Another way to get the attention of a deaf dog is to use a flashlight or outside porch light as a way of communication. For example if your pooch is outside at night, and it is time to come inside, you can use turning your porch light on and off as a signal to come inside. Moreover, finding a trainer who can help with basic obedience training will be extremely beneficial.

Waking a deaf dog can be quite frightening for the animal, the best way to wake your dog is to gently touch him/her in the same place every time (the shoulder is the best place) or place your hand gently in front of the dog’s nose and let your smell wake the dog.

Another great way to train your dog is with food rewards and positive reinforcement. You can let your dog know they have done well by clapping and smiling. You should do this a lot to help with your pooch’s confidence. These are just a few simple tips to start out with when training a deaf dog.