Talking To Your Vet About Feline Eye Medications

It would be rare to find a cat that happily sits still while you apply ointment or drops to his eyes. Unfortunately, it will probably be a necessity at one point and might be a regular part of a daily routine for some cats. Learning how to properly apply eye ointment is a great skill to have and will come in useful if your cat develops eye complications.

Applying Eye Medication

If you have a helper, they can hold the cat while you concentrate on the medication. If you are alone, you can still effectively apply the ointment while bracing your cat. Place your left arm across the cat while using your left hand to open the cat’s eyelid. You can use the heel of your hand to brace against his head to stabilize it. With the medication in your right hand, insert the drops or ointment.

Inspecting the Eyes

If you need to examine the eye, pull up the upper lid with your thumb and the eye will open wide. The white part that you see is called the sclera, and seeing blood vessels on it is normal. What are abnormal are engorged blood vessels, bruises, or yellowing. If you stretch the eye even more, you will see pink tissue called the conjunctiva. This healthy pink tissue should never be pale, yellow, or bruised looking.

The pupil, the black spot in the center of the eyeball, is covered by the lens, which may appear bright or colorful. The iris is the coloring of your cat’s eyes. Problems with the pupil and iris could include:

  • Blue discoloration
  • Different sized pupils
  • Ragged edges
  • Growths
  • Black spots on iris
  • Blood spots on iris

Talking-To-Your-Vet-About-Feline-EyeThe retracting eyelid can be seen if you pull down on the lower lid. It should normally be light pink or white with tiny blood vessels on it. When this area is pulled down, it creates the pouch needed for pooling medications and drops. Problems with the conjunctiva include:

  • Yellow discoloration
  • Discharge

Whenever putting medication in your cat’s eyes, be sure to hold them closed and gently massage to evenly distribute the liquid across the entire eye.