Stopping Your Dog From Chewing On Things

Just as babies have an urge to chew on things while their teeth start coming in, dogs have that same urge as well. Your dog might just be chewing on your shoes, the couch, and other various objects out of curiosity and/or boredom. Whatever the reason for your dog’s chewing, it’s irritating and can destroy your belongings. There are a few tips and tricks for people who want to stop their dog’s chewing habits.

Tips and Tricks

Start with the obvious yet often overlooked tip: buy your dog chew toys. Buy chew toys that are different shapes, sizes, and materials so your dog has a variety of different things to chew on. If your dog finds one or even a couple of these toys to be entertaining, your dog may stop chewing on your stuff right then and there. If this approach doesn’t work, don’t give up hope just yet.

Tell your dog “no” in a firm voice when you catch him or her chewing on something forbidden. Do not scream at your dog. When you tell your dog no, make sure you offer the dog a toy to play with instead. This tells the dog that the said object is NOT okay to chew on but that the toy is.

In a last ditch effort to get your pooch to stop chewing on your furniture, you can purchase “anti-chewing” spray at your local pet store. Don’t worry; the spray isn’t toxic or harmful for your dog to consume. Stopping Your Dog from Chewing On ThingsBy spraying this on your furniture, the dog will taste it when he or she starts to chew, and the bitter taste will turn the dog off from dismantling your couch. After a while, the dog will lose interest in chewing on the furniture, and you can stop using the spray.

It’s best to start teaching your dog what’s okay to do and what’s not okay to do as a puppy. If you are just starting to get your dog to stop chewing, but the dog is already fully grown and developed, it will most likely take more time. Be patient and do not give up.