Steps To Take If Your Dog Is Overweight

Do you have an overweight dog? If so, there are things that you can do to help your dog lose weight. You will have to take an active role in this because your dog gained the weight with your help, and it will need your help to lose it again. You know how they tell people that all they need to lose weight is a good diet and exercise? Well, the same holds true for dogs. So, get Rover up off the couch and get going.


You want to feed your dog a high quality diet. If you are buying the cheapest dog food out there, this is not your best option. You also want to feed your dog on a schedule. This means that you do not want to leave food out all the time. If you do, your dog will likely eat more than it needs. Dogs need at least two meals a day. Some small dogs might need more—ask your vet about an appropriate feeding schedule for your dog.

When you are deciding how much to feed, the answer is right on the bag of dog food. It will have the amount you should feed your dog based on how much your dog weighs. Now, if your dog is overweight, you can reduce this amount slightly. Finally, cut back on the treats and the table scraps.


All dogs need some exercise whether this is an hour in the dog park running full tilt or a more sedate, 15-minute walk around the block. When your dog is getting exercise, you are likely getting exercise too, so this is beneficial for both of you. If your dog has arthritis, you can even try swimming during the warmer months. This takes the dog’s weight off of its joints, making it easier for the dog to move. You don’t have to come up with a complicated exercise regimen—just get out and play in the backyard or take a walk.

Your vet can help you track your dog’s weight loss and give you an ideal weight range for your specific dog.