Does Your Dog Need A Doggy Day Care Service? – Unsuitable Day Care Candidates

Not all dogs are destined to spend an enjoyable time with other dogs in day care. Some dogs fare better when they are home alone. Just like people, some dogs are extroverts, and some are introverts.

Good doggie day care candidates are healthy, well-socialized, and spayed or neutered dogs. A well-socialized dog will enjoy interacting with other dogs and can easily adjust to new surroundings. It has been observed that young dogs adjust more easily to the day care environment than older ones. A dog that spends time in dog parks playing with other dogs will definitely enjoy spending time in doggie day care. Unsuitable day care candidates usually include:

Aggressive Dogs

Aggression can be a problem in dogs, and those that are regularly aggressive toward other dogs and people have no place in doggie day care. If your dog has a history of biting another dog or a person, day care centers may not accept your dog. Dogs that snarl, growl, or snap won’t make ideal day care candidates. Most of these dogs are tense and fearful. They tend to avoid other dogs, and their body language displays anxiety and nervousness.

Unvaccinated Puppies

The day care can be a rich source of infectious pathogens that can easily affect puppies, which are still unvaccinated and whose immune systems are not yet well developed.

Intact Males and Females in Heat

Intact males have been shown to display dominant and aggressive tendencies compared to those that have been spayed or neutered. On the other hand, females in heat can create havoc inside a day care facility because of the pheromones that they release, which can trigger aggressiveness in male dogs.


Dogs that tend to pick on smaller of less dominant dogs may be refused entry into playgroups at day care centers.

“Dork Dogs”

Doggy Day Care ServiceDork dogs” are those that are under-socialized and lack good social skills. These negative characteristics can come between making new friends and interacting with other dogs.

Herding Dogs

Some dogs have such strong herding instincts that their idea of fun is herding other dogs and interfering with their activities.

If you are not sure whether your dog is a good day care candidate, let him spend a day or two at the center. Observe your pet after these visits and see if he seems happy or stressed. You can also tell by his reactions when you drop him off the next time at the day care.