Boarding Exotic Animals

When pet owners go on vacation they either take their pets with them or leave them at a boarding kennel. Well, that’s great for dogs and cats, but what if you own a snake or an iguana, or even a bird or ferret?

An exotic animal is basically anything other than a dog or cat. Most boarding kennels will not take an exotic animal because they are not set up for them. Many of them have no idea how to care for them either. This presents a big problem for the owners who want to travel. The best option in this case is to find someone you trust to come over and care for your pet. If the animal is in a tank or small enough cage, they may even be able to have them at their house for convenience.

A snake is likely the only pet that can be left alone for more than one night. If the lights are on a timer, and it has a large water bowl that cannot be tipped over and cage clips to keep it from escaping, a snake could go quite some time on his own. That being said, it is still a good idea to have someone come over and check on the snake every few days in case something happens. If a heat bulb burns out, the snake can get sick and die in a very short period of time.

Boarding Exotic AnimalsFor larger reptiles like iguanas, you may want to see if there is a reptile rescue in your town. Often these rescues are very small and run out of a home. The owners are knowledgeable and likely have a place for the iguana to stay. Some will be happy to take them in for a few days for a donation to their rescue.

For birds and other small animals, if you really just have no one who can take care of your pet, your best bet is going to be to ask the vet’s office. If you have a vet that sees that type of animal, they would probably be willing to keep them overnight while you are away. Sometimes, you may also find a pet sitter who is willing to watch an exotic pet and able to follow the exact care instructions left for them.